Business name registration is very easy with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) online portal, this can be done by yourself without a lawyer, and agent or a chartered accountant. With this online portal, individuals or entrepreneurs can search for business name availability and register it as well.


Business Name search

To register a new business, first, one need to search for availability of name here. To do this, you have to sign up then log in and click “name availability search”.

Here, you have the opportunity to type in two names for your proposed business.

The name availability search would cost N500 which can be paid using your debit or credit card.

For the name to be approved or otherwise, it takes 1-3 working days. If name is not approved, then you have to try with a more unique name.


Register the Business name 

As soon as your name has been approved the next step is to register the business name.

Note that the name approved will last for 60 days then download the approval letter and you will find availability code when is needed for registration.

After getting the availability code, go to “registration” (you must be logged in to your account) then type the code on the space provided and submit.

Make sure that you know the nature of your proposed business, thee proprietor and other relevant information accurately.

In terms of the nature of the business, you are required to fill in three natures (type) and it is advisable to include general contracts which covers everything.

Ensure you Fill the form Correctly and avoid Errors it would cost money to make any changes later.

Also, select Zero When requested for additional copies of Certified true copy and documents.  This is for limited liability company registration.

Click submit and you are required to pay N10,000 online.

Also take note that a form would be given online to submit to any CAC office of your choice close to you.

Physical Submission

You are required to submit the following documents:

  1. business name approval document
  2. All receipt of payments (Remitta and CAC)
  3. Business name payment form
  4. Two passport Photographs
  5. N250 stamp duty fee which need to be paid into CAC Skye Bank Account and submit for filing with the corporate Affairs commission.

To start your business name registration, click here

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