Important tips to secure your Facebook account

Always secure your Facebook account. Taking into consideration the rate of fraud in this current computer age, there have been serials of hacking of Facebook accounts. Imagine someone hacking your 10 years old account!!! Your pictures, memories are all gone in a moment. However, there some security measures which you can use to secure your account and to get your account back if hacked or your account was compromised. Below are some tips to secure your Fb account:

1. Link an email address to your Facebook account

Well in this age, saying you don’t have an email address looks ridiculous. At least have one. Linking an email address to your Facebook account helps to secure it. You are communicated via email whenever your password changes, providing a link which allows you to undo any changes made to your account by answering some questions about your Facebook profile. Also, Facebook, of course, would send almost all notifications to your email. It is annoying sometimes when you email is just filled with Facebook notifications; you can create a separate email account for all your social media accounts.

To add email, go to “settings”, then click on “general” and click on “edit email” to add it. Then, check your email to confirm the link sent to your mailbox. Don’t have an email? Register here

2. Using two-factor authentication:

This is a secure way of logging into your Facebook account. It contains security keys using FIDO U2F standard that protect your account from unauthorized access. A code is sent to your phone to login your account. To turn on this feature, go to “account setting”, open “security and login” and then “two-factor authentication”.

3. Choosing 3 to 5 friends to contact when you get locked out.

Here, you are allowed to choose 3 to 5 trusted friends you can contact to help you recover your account when you are locked out.

4. “On” notifications to get alerts about unrecognized logins

It is a simply process, go to setting, then security and privacy. Turn “On” notifications to get alerts about unrecognized logins. It would enable Facebook alert you whenever someone tries to login to your account.

5. See where you are logged in

Facebook has a cool feature that enables you see devices where you are logged in. It shows the date and time you login to any device. To check it, go to “account setting”, then “security and login”. A list of devices where you are logged would be shown to you. You can log out any device that is not yours.


6. Lastly, on your own change your password where ever you feel your security has been compromised and log out all other devices.


You don’t have a Facebook account? Register here

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